Our Projects


The Robotics Club of Cental Florida is dedicated to producing new, innovative robots that challenge all aspects and majors of the club each year. Our Projects involve mechanical, electrical, and computer engineers as well as computer scientists to achieve overall project goals.

This year, our flagship robots are Laki2, a 15lb combat robot, and Demobot, an autonomous ground vehicle. Together, they offered a comprehensive chance to tackle mechanical and software challenges!




Laki2 was an autonomous octocopter. Laki2 involved computer vision and mechanical work. Its parts were taken from its predecesor: Lakitu. Mechanical aspects involved improving the cameras and communication links. It was created for the AUVSI SAUS competition

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demobot 2019


Demobot stands for demonstrative robot. This bot is part of a multi-robot long tradition to build robots that can demonstrate all aspects of robotics to an audience. This demobot involved a modular ground roaming unit. It was demonstrated to a high school.

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