Club Constitution

New changes: Constitution updated to latest version.

Article I - Organization Name

The name of this organization shall be the Robotics Club of Central Florida. The organization may also refer to itself as RCCF.

Article II - Preamble

Section 1: Mission

The mission of the Robotics Club of Central Florida is to bring together students with a passion for robotics and provide them with an opportunity to practice relevant skills through hands-on, student-driven projects.

Section 2: Goals

The members of the Robotics Club will work on all aspects of robotics. Robotics Club members should strive to incorporate other, less traditional disciplines in order to create unique and innovative robots.

Section 3: Governing Authority

All activities and functions of the organization must be legal under University, College, local, state, and federal laws. The most recent version of the UCF Golden Rule, Valencia College Student Development Resource Manual, Valencia College Student LifeMap Handbook, and Valencia College's policies and procedures will supersede all requirements set forth during the creation and revision of this constitution. In addition, the most recent version of Robert's Rules of Order shall be the authority over those questions which have not been specified by university regulations or this constitution. Within this constitution, a majority shall be defined as "more than 50%."