Our Projects


The Robotics Club of Cental Florida is dedicated to producing new, innovative robots that challenge all aspects and majors of the club each year. Our Projects involve mechanical, electrical, and computer engineers as well as computer scientists to achieve overall project goals.

During this timeframe, our flagship robots are Citrobot, a 15lb combat robot, Bowser, an autonomous ground vehicle, and Demobot, a bot made to demonstrate various aspects of robotics. Together, they offer a comprehensive chance to join us as we tackle mechanical, electrical, and software challenges!




Our autonomous ground vehicle. Bowser currently involves a complete electrical overhaul, object detection with both computer vision and LiDAR, simulations, and building back up mechanically. Our goal is to compete in the IGVC contest in 2021!

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Our 15lb combat robot. Citrobot currently involves a mechanical and electrical workup of a bot made to destroy the any and all competition. The competitions Citrobot will take part in have yet to be determined, but we are always open to suggestions.

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Demobot is a demonstrative robot - a challenge to create a robot that can demonstate various aspects of robotics while remaining interesting to all. Demobot involves a bit of every discipline to achieve our goals. Demonstrations to be determined!

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