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During Covid19, the club has limited physical presence. Meetings are all currently online on our discord. We are focusing on learning skills via workshops while working on CAD, electrical, and software design. Dues have also been halved for FA2020 to accomodate for the lack of normal usage of our lab.

The Robotics Club of Central Florida is a group of undergraduate and graduate students that build robots. We build both autonomous and manual robots.

We have three teams corresponding to three robots: Bowser, Citrobot, and Demobot.

Bowser is an autonomous ground vehicle for the intelligent ground vehicle competition in June. This project will involve heavy programming work, remaking the electrical components of the bot, and minor mechanical work.

Citrobot is a 15lb combat robot. This project will involve heavy mechanical and electrical work, with minor programming work.

Demobot is our demonstrative robot. It is created to demonstrate the best aspects of robotics to the work every semester. This project involves work from all disciplines.

Currently we are planning to go to IGVC 2021 and any local combat robot competitions. Have a local competition? Let us know.

Come visit our Discord! With Covid19 we do not currently have many in-person events, so the best way to meet us is virutally.

All majors are welcome!

Any year, both undergraduate and graduate students.

Bowser is an autonomous ground vehicle that involves electrical, mechanical, and the majority of our computer science work. Citrobot is a 15lb combat robot that involves significant mechanical and electrical work. Demobot is a demonstrative robot that involves mechanical and electrical work, with some computer science work. Feel free to join any team that interests you at all!

That's fine! We record our meetings and are happy to work keeping you up to date on them Additionally, even if Bowser has mostly coding work, there is still some coding to do on both Citrobot and Demobot.

That's fine! We record our meetings and are happy to work keeping you up to date on them. Additionally, even if Citrobot has the main mechanical work, there is still some work to do on Demobot and Bowser.

Projects are not major specific, and you can join any project and any part.

That's fine! Most new members don't have prior experience. There are workshops at the start of each semester and team members are happy to help with any questions.

Our presence is currently mostly virtual, however UCF has shuttles running to its partnerships until 10PM on:
M / Tu / W / Th / F
Ask if there's a carpool to join on our discord:

Most of our current code is done in either Python3 or C++.

Yes. Dues are due the 3rd week of each semester. They are $20 per semester, except for FA20 which was reduced by half due to covid19.

Of course! Join our Discord to meet the team and see our virtual meetings.

To get accepted on KnightsConnect, you must have paid your dues. If you haven't been added yet, please let us know when you're next in the lab or on Discord.

We have a handy guide on how to reach the lab at the bottom of our Contact Us page.

If you want to contact us for any reason, you can use either our Discord or email. Our phone is not currently attended to due to Covid19.

You can view all of our past projects on our projects page , including the bots that have gone to competitions.

If you want to contact our members for any form of recruiting, you can either shoot us an email and we'll put out an announcement, or you can come to our Discord and interact with the members firsthand!

Projects are typically run by members who have taken part in prior projects and have experience in what is needed for a project to succeed. Projects are also typically presented to the club before choosing.

Contact us with your questions via email or Discord

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