About the Club

The Robotics Club of Central Florida is full of devoted members, both undergraduate and graduate, working towards furthering the field of robotics. We are entirely student run with the guidance of our advisor, Crystal Maraj.
New members of any major and year are always welcome!

 Our Mission

The Robotics Club of Central Florida aims to further both ourselves and the field of robotics through our challenging and innovative projects. We value teamwork, perseverance, and having fun.

We are currently working on three projects: Bowser, an autonomous ground vehicle, Citrobot, a 15lb combat robot, and Demobot, a demonstrative robot.

Our Officers

president sal

Salomon Hassidoff


Mechanical Engineer
Managed the entire club, ensured all training, and brought us above and beyond during difficult times.

vice president alan

Alan Mark

Vice President

Mechanical Engineer
Co-managed the entire club, ensured all training, and brought us above and beyond during difficult times.

treasurer wesley

Wesley Fletcher


Computer Engineer
Kept track of all of the club's finances. Managed much of the club official documents.

webmaster french

Alexandra French


Computer Scientist
Created the website from scratch in 2020. Managed all of the club social media.

secretary marc

Marcus Simmonds


Computer Engineer
Kept tabs on our club meetings and managed all of the club meeting notes.

Lab Manager Dwight

Dwight Howard II

Lab Manager

Mechanical Engineer
Ensured lab safety. Reorganized the entire lab and started up tracking inventory.

marketing wesley

Azeem Barton

Marketing & PR

Graphic Design
Created t-shirt and other such merchandise design. Took care of related processing.

marketing & pr sheina

Sheina Rodriguez

Marketing & PR

Mechanical Engineer
Worked with our logo designs and designed all of our advertising posters.

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Our Advisors

club advisor maraj

Crystal Maraj

Faculty Advisor

electrical project advisor chan

ChungYong Chan

Electrical Project Advisor

mechanical project advisor park

Joon Park

Mechanical Project Advisor

Our Members

Alva, Julio


Angarita, Juan


Applegate, Arthur


Barton, Azeem


Cahow, Jeremy


Conrad, Jonathan


Dabney, Carter


Davis, Desmon


Evans, Valex


Fleming, Aidan


Fletcher, Wesley


French, Alexandra


Fuist, Daniel


Galindo, Melanie


Glaspey, Joshua


Gruber, Justin


Guevara, Luis


Hartig, Stephen


Hassidof, Salomon


Howard, Dwight, II


Irvin, Alysha


Jacklich, Marian


Landron, Juan


LeBleu, Christopher


Leonard, Hugh


Luna, Bryan


Maldonado, Doeddil


Mark, Alan


Martin, Robert


Monaco, Gustavo "Gus"


Morgan, Alison


Moser, Deon


Nolasco, Jennifer


Olenchak, Jennifer


Onyiuke, Chistropher


Pappachen, Jacob


Park, MinJi


Persaud, Christiana


Pietrowski, Seth


Quach, Christopher


Quispe, Frederick Junior


Rodriguez, Sheina


Ruiz-Sanches, Natalie


Samaroo, Andre


Siddiqi, Samael


Simmonds, Marc


Stroup, Vijay


Sunderland, Sandybel


Tapizquent, Jose


Thirkell, Sage


Tran, Joseph


Tryzbiak, Gavin


Turner, Cydni


Vasquez, Ricardo


Wacker, Kate


Watkins, Braedon


Weis, Ryan


Ye, Kim


Zelenty, Steve