Our Projects


The Robotics Club of Cental Florida is dedicated to producing new, innovative robots that challenge all aspects and majors of the club each year. Our Projects involve mechanical, electrical, and computer engineers as well as computer scientists to achieve overall project goals.

For 2017-2018, our flagship robots were Lakitu, an autonomous quadcopter, and KITT, an roboboat directed by Lakitu. Together, they offered a comprehensive chance to tackle mechanical and software challenges!




A roboboat. Kitt involved heavy mechanical and computer science work to achieve a boat that can achieve high speeds while recieving signals to avoid objects from an autonomous quadcopter, Lakitu. Competed in Roboboat 2018.

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An autonomous quadcopter. Lakitu involved heavy computer vision work to achieve a quadcopter that could drive and direct itself and Kitt, a roboboat. Competed in Roboboat 2018.

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