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Here you can find all of our current 2020 events and news! We have been focusing on workshops, socials, and nominations/elections so far.

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Thanksgiving Social

Next week is Thanksgiving! With that also comes our yearly Thanksgiving social on Tuesday, November 24, at 6:30pm. Come join us to play some Jackbox games! We at the Robotics Club hope that everyone has a safe and fulfilling Thanksgiving this year.

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Officer Elections

Next week is officer elections! Any dues paying member can apply and vote during nominations. Join us and help us decide who will be our new officers Tuesday, November 17, at 6:30pm.

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Two Workshops next week!

Next week is two workshops. Monday, November 16, at 6:30pm is 3D Printing with our guest presentor Fluvio Lobo. Learn more about 3D printing.! Friday, November 20, at 6:00pm is Intro to Computer vision. Learn how to track with OpenCv!

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Pinewood Deby Office Hours

Pinewood derby office hours, Q&A, and car work is coming up on Wednesday, November 11, at 6:30pm.Have you been working on a mini car to compete with? Need some help with a design? Have some other questions? Come join us on Discord!

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Officer Nominations

We have our officer nominations upcoming! Any dues paying member can nomination themselves to be an officer. Join us and help us decide who will run for our new officers Monday, November 9th, at 6:30pm.

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ROS/Gazebo Workshop

Our upcoming ROS/Gazebo workshop will be rescheduled.
Join us to learn about Gazebo and ROS later on this semester!