Our Vision


• Achieve terrain mapping.

• Detect and avoid objects.

• Accurately simulate movement through course.

• Overhaul the electrical workup to get ~5mph speed.


We are aiming to compete in IGVC 2021.

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The Team

Team Bowser

About Bowser

Bowser is the newest member of our autonomous robots. We have focused on an at least one autonomous robot for the past 5 years. This year, Bowser will focus on quickly and effectively completing obstacle courses full of obstructions.

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  • Computer Vision
  • Object Detection
  • Simulations

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Team Leads

software lead wesley

Wesley Fletcher

Software Team Lead

software lead alex

Alexandra French

Software Team Lead

Team Members

Angarita, Camilo


Angarita, Juan


Blalock, Brian


Carole, Pearson


Conrad, Jonathan


Craig, Darien


Fletcher, Wesley


French, Alexandra


Hassidoff, Salomon


Heinz, Don


Howard, Dwight, II


Mark, Alan


Nolasco, Jennifer


Simmonds, Marc


Stroup, Vijay


Vo, Don


Zelenty, Steve


Zsiros, Jade