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Project Details

Demonstrative robots!

Demobot is a robot created to demonstrate key capabilities for robotics. From new designs and mechanical challenges to exciting new software, this is the bot that does it all. This demobot is a spider-bot, as can be seen in the gif.

Project Goals

• Achieve a spider-bot limbs

• Incorprate ROS 2 components

• Achieve object chasing

Planned Demonstrations

To Be Determined

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The Team

spiderbot demo 2

Further Details

Demobot is a long running theme for our club. Every few years, we achieve a new incarnation of demobot with different capabilities and challenges.

The team this time is full of electrical and mechanical engineers, with some computer engineers. The project reflects this - the first big hurdle will be the legs!

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Team Leads

mechanical lead marc

Marc Simmonds

Mechanical Team Lead

electrical lead carole

Carole Pearson

Electrical Team Lead

Team Members

French, Alexandra


Gore, Michelle


Guevara, Luis


Jacklich, Marian


Pearson, Carole


Simmonds, Marc


Tryzbiak, Gavin


Unk., Angelica


Unk., Roger


Weis, Ryan