citrobot front
citrobot side

Project Goals

• Design CAD workups of robot.

• Achieve and assemble a total weight of 15lb.

• Compete in local competitions.

The Competition

To Be Determined

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Project Details

Citrobot is our 15lb combat robot.

The build currently involves heavy mechanical work to get the bot up and running.

We will be bringing citrobot to 15lb competitions so long as it survives once finished.

team citrobot

The Team

Citrobot is a chance for our mechanical and electrical engineers to explore their limits.

Our team is comprised of both new and old club members working together to achieve a 15lb monster that can best the competition.

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Team Leads

software lead

Robert Martin

Software Team Lead

mechanical lead Sal

Salomon Hassidoff

Mechanical Team Lead

mechanical lead Alan

Alan Mark

Mechanical Team Lead

Team Members

Gore, Michelle


Hassidoff, Salomon


Mark, Alan


Martin, Robert


Zsiros, Jade