Joshua Stein

Joshua Stein

2013-2014 Member - Class of 2017

Part of the Mechanical Team for the Classic Boatname

Joshua Stein's Resume


From a young age, Joshua Stein was always interested in the mechanics of the world. At first this manifested in an interest in trains and the workings of their steam engines, and their ability to change mechanical back and forth motion into rotational motion. This initial interest is a large part of who Joshua is, the desire to understand machines, and use that knowledge to develop new ones. Currently he is attending school at the University of Central Florida and still enjoys learning about the mechanics of the world, in classes such as physics. He has also ventured now into the territory of designing and machining, taking classes such as Intro to Engineering and participating in the school's robotics club. Overall, Joshua is looking forward to his future career in doing exactly what he loves: learning, designing, and making.

Club Involvement:

Cowcatcher and Bumper Design for Gray Goose
Camera Mount Design and Creation for Gray Goose
Obstical Field Design and Creation for UCF Autonomous Boat Challenge
Underwater LED Display Design and Creation for UCF Autonomous Boat Challenge