John Millner

John Millner

2014-2015 President - Class of 2017

Part of the Electrical Team for the AUVSI RoboSub

John Millner's Resume


John Millner is the President of the Robotics Club and a sophomore studying Electrical Engineering and Intelligent Robotic Systemsat UCF. He has several years’ professional experience as an engineering intern and as part of a research and development team. John teaches several workshops: soldering within the Robotics Club and CAD programs through ASME. John is familiarized with most electronic and circuitry aspects, and has a basic understanding of C++. As a hobby he often creates small machines and programs to do stupid and fun things.

Club Involvement:

Frame Modifications for Gray Goose
Cowcatcher and Bumper Design for Gray Goose
Camera Mount Modifications for Gray Goose
Wire Managment for Gray Goose
Speed Gate Challenge for UCF Autonomous Boat Challenge
Website Manager
CNC Mill Restoration
Soldering Workshop Instructor