Derek Castrucci

Derek Castrucci

2013-2014 Member - Class of 2015

Part of the Electrical Team for the Classic Boatname

Derek Castrucci's Resume


Derek Castrucci is a senior engineering student pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering at U.C.F. He is skilled with repairs of all kinds (electrical and mechanical) and is a proficient problem solver. Although his focus is mainly on electrical engineering, Derek also has interests in mechanical engineering applications. Derek enjoys engineering projects of all kinds and keeps himself involved with various projects (both team based and personal) at all times. As an engineer, Derek strives to innovate and improve upon existing designs/devices to enhance efficiency, functionality, and/or safety. Currently, Derek is focusing on work with embedded systems (MSP 430 and Arduino). Upon graduation, Derek would like to work in the field of robotics, computer architecture, embedded systems, amplifier design, subwoofer/speaker design, or FPGA design.

Club Involvement:

Schematic design, Prototyping, and PCB design of switching circuitry required for the Arduino controlled Underwater L.E.D. test system.
Troubleshooting of the pinger used for testing of the hydrophone system.