A resume and a CAD workshop are coming up. Additionally, weekly Wednesday Bowser meetings and Thursday Demobot meetings at 6:30pm have started.

Our second CAD workshop is planned for Sept 30 at 6:30pm. Our resume workshop is planned for Oct 2nd at 6:00pm. Join our Discord to get started with CAD and resume tips!

In this CAD workshop, you'll learn how to get going with assemblies and drawings. In our resume workshop, learn some tips and tricks to a good resume!

Who Are We?

Welcome to the Robotics Club of Central Florida.
This is an entirely student run organization.

We focus on creating innovative and competitive robots and we are always looking for members join in the advancement of the demanding robotics field.

Every year we take on projects that involve demonstrations of robotics, pushing the bounds of automation, and innovative, robust designs.

Currently, we are realizing three challenging projects...

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