About Us

The Robotics Club at the University of Central Florida is a group of undergraduate and graduate students with a passion for robotics. It is the group's desire to build advanced autonomous robots for competitions and research. Information about many of these projects can be found throughout our site, with each requiring dedicated students. Our laboratory is supervised by faculty advisor, Dr. Daniel Barber.

The Robotics Club at UCF is entirely student run and is based around hands on work within our lab. Our autonomous robotics teams are currently working on our water surface vehicles, with plans to expand our projects starting in fall. We are always looking for dedicated people to join in the advancement of this demanding field, however Fall is the best time to join and get started. The Robotics Club at UCF is a great place for both undergraduate and graduate UCF students to learn, gain experience, find job opportunities, and have fun.

Major Projects

Classic Boatname

gray goose




  • ARL
  • STTC
  • IST
  • SGA
  • Advanced Navigation
  • Turbine Technology Services