IARC 2017



Our 2016-2017 vehicle for the International Aerial Robotics Competition (IARC) will be able to navigate within an enclosed room without the use of GPS or certain SLAM techniques such as using walls to reference position. In order to navigate and understand it's surroundings, Ridley's final design will utilize a downwards facing camera with a fish-eye lens along with ROS (Robot Operating System) to navigate the room with the use of computer vision. Ridley will also be able to sense and avoid obstacles by using the ultrasonic sensors mounted around it's center plates. Ridley is currently in the process of being manufactured, but we hope to have it flying very soon!


Team Captain: Eddie Grekoski

Tyler Guerrero

Baian Elmazry

Christian Dudukovich

Nicola DaSilva

Ori Leibovici

Natacha Barcala

Ryan Heitz

Klayton Killough

Greg Eugene

Elizabeth Trader

Edward Grekoski

Melvin Saenz

Jason Hong

Ronald Acevedo

Andres Machado

Mark Varvak

Frank Mendez

Cesar Rojas