Roboboat 2018



Our vehicle being built for the UAS component of the Roboboat 2018 Competition. It will start attached to KITT, then fly up and search for a number telling KITT where to dock, then land back on top of KITT. It uses an ODROID XU4 for its main computer with a PixRacer for managing flight control.


Team Captain: Eddie Grekoski

Tyler Guerrero

Baian Elmazry

Christian Dudukovich

Nicola DaSilva

Ori Leibovici

Natacha Barcala

Ryan Heitz

Klayton Killough

Greg Eugene

Elizabeth Trader

Edward Grekoski

Melvin Saenz

Jason Hong

Ronald Acevedo

Andres Machado

Mark Varvak

Frank Mendez

Cesar Rojas