The Robotics Club at the University of Central Florida proudly presents Ness, the submarine. Ness focuses on modularity, ease of maintenance, and robust control systems. Two years of development from a team of ten interdisciplinary undergraduate students have created a polished and unique robot capable of performing stably and reliably. Ness is divided into five sections each dedicated to specific function or sensor array. Ness functions completely autonomously with a focus in neural network image recognition for navigation and detecting challenges.

Key features of our design are our unique latch design, symetric thrusters, a custom unifying board, serperated logic and motor batteries, LED error codes for HRI, and debug/shore power options.


The RoboSub Competition, which Ness is designed to compete in, challenges robots to locate distress beacons, pick up and place specific objects, drop markers, shoot torpedoes, and navigate in a large pool all in full autonomous mode.


Team Captain: John Millner

John Millner

Nick Peters

Stephen Summer

John Geiger

Jade Zsiros

Ryan Fatt

Jonathan Gambrell

Carlos Rubiano

Juan Escobedo

Drew Langston

Kevin Cochran

Brian Lahore

Kevin Almeida

Matthew Boutelle

Ryker Chute