Our 2015-2016 vehicle Metaknight implements Robotic Operating Software (ROS) to test and program the vehicle. It uses GPS waypoints and path-planning software to successfully move from point A to point B while detecting and avoiding any obstacles on the field with a Velodyne and three strategically placed cameras. Metaknight is fully designed, modeled, built, and tested by UCF students, resulting in a unique robot primed for competition.


The purpose of the Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition (IGVC) is to navigate autonomously through an obstacle course from one GPS waypoint to another. The obstacle course is set outside and consists of white lane lines to stay within as well as colored flags and various colored barrels to avoid.


Team Captain: Therese Salas

Kevin Almeida

Ryker Chute

Nathan Duenas

Christine Erwin

Jonathon Gambrell

Reid Larsen

John Millner

Nicolas Peters

Kenneth Richardson

Richard Wales