Classic Boatname - 2013-2014 - AUVSI RoboBoat


This year’s RoboBoat competition presents the team with several unique challenges that require robust solutions. The past success and modularity of the team’s entry into RoboBoat 2013 made recycling the existing base platform a clear choice for this year’s competition. Features that have proven successful from year to year include the vehicle’s simple power system, software architecture, versatile motor configuration, and platform stability. An incremental design approach following the spiral development process has produced a sound physical platform. The spiral model steps for hardware development include: requirements gathering and specification, 3D modeling, rapid prototypes, and final implementation.

Classic Boatname's Paper


  • PIDAR - 3D Lidar System
  • Advanced Navigation Spatial GPS System
  • State Machine Mission Structure
  • RoboTeq Motor Controllers
  • DIN Rail Power Distribution System
  • Dedicated Enclosed Light and Color Sensor
  • Hexagonally Flat Dual Hull Design
  • 3 Degrees of Freedom
  • Reinforced Front Bumper
  • Modular Frame Design